I was referred to AJ Napolitano & Co. by my attorney at the time. I had just signed a major deal and wasn't even aware that I needed a financial manager. After working with AJ Napolitano for a few months, I realized how much easier they made my life by helping me stay organized and in control of my business affairs. Immediately I was drawn to the fact that whole company was run more like a family than a business. There was always a friendly call full of encouragement and enthusiasm for the work no matter the gravity of the situations at hand.


Over the years I have benefited not only from their expertise, banking relationships and efficiency of all the business managers that work at this firm, but also their loyalty to their clients. If ever I need to have a financial issue solved or covered on my behalf, AJ Napolitano is always willing to go the extra mile and do all they can to help the client stay afloat in the midst of all types of changes in the industry, in the economy and or changes in your own personal situation. Loyalty is the name of the game at this company.


I believe the successful relationship we've been able to build over the years is truly based on the company going above and beyond what's normal or expected for any firm. Every phone call they've made on my behalf, every ounce of favor they've obtained for me from the bank, every debt they've allowed me to pay back on my own realistic timeline, every bit of council that I received that may have had nothing to do with my specific business at the time, is unprecedented and I do not believe any other firm could operate this way. That's what makes this company second to none.

Makeba Riddick Woods, Singer | Grammy Award Songwriter | Vocal Producer